Staggering Resolutions: Weekday Veg

It’s been a long time since I introduced “Staggering Resolutions,” my plan to do a new mini-resolution every month. The first one of those resolutions was to quit smoking, and I’ve had serious trouble sticking to that one. But now I’ve got several months of not smoking under my belt again, and I want to move on to the next thing.

So I’m trying a new one this month: weekday vegetarianism. This means exactly what it sounds like: Monday through Friday, I’m not eating meat. On the weekends, I’m reverting to my natural, carnivorous state.

I’ve found it a bit difficult to explain precisely why I’m compelled to do this. It’s mostly for health reasons, I think, but it’s also kind of interesting to change up my routine. And already, I’ve found one meal near the office that’s absolutely delicious, and which I probably never would’ve tried without the constraint of vegetarianism. (The meal: Alterra Foundry’s grilled veggie burrito.)

Anyway, this is happening. And I might blog about it some more. We’ll see.

6 thoughts on “Staggering Resolutions: Weekday Veg

  1. Would like to hear more. I’ve toyed with this idea as well. Mainly for health/fitness reasons as well.

    I guess my main question is: what do vegetarians eat day in and day out? What are their convenience lunches? They pop over to the store and buy what? I’d be curious what you would plan on eating besides the grilled veggie burrito.

  2. Part of this is finding out how that’s gonna work, so I do intend to post about it.

    So far, I’ve eaten a veggie combo from the public market (falafel, hummus, greek salad & pita), pesto cavatappi from Noodles, two iced lattes, and the veggie burrito, which came with some grapes and pineapple (yum!).

  3. If you check out any of the veggie options at Qdoba or Chipotle, let me know how they are.

    As for Jordan’s question, the vegetarians I know grab cheese or nuts for a quick snack, maybe crackers and cheese. Unless they’re vegans, then the cheese is out, obviously. Lots of pasta, salads….

    If you want some super delicious veggie cooking ideas, check out She uses some fairly hippy-tastic ingredients.

  4. Good test! Are you still trying it out?

    I’m still figuring what’s what in the 3rd ward/downtown (I’m vegan), but really, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

    Ethiopian, Thai, Pakistani, Mexican, Middle Eastern, soup, all nearby. Honestly, I think it’s harder to NOT find good options than to need to search for them.

    Hit me up if you need any pointers. I love talking about this stuff.

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