Russia Trip 2008

I’m going to Russia tomorrow morning, for my buddy Dan’s wedding. Well, not just tomorrow. Leaving tomorrow, returning Monday.

A couple of notes on this:

- I’m pretty sure I need to bring a suit, for the wedding and all. Thank heavens I’m bringing a suitcase. (Ha!)

- After some internal debate about (among other things) whether I’d feel comfortable bringing it to Russia, I bought a DSLR camera today. I will be bringing it. If all goes well, you’ll be seeing some pictures in a week or two.

- This trip will require a day of travel on both ends. I’m not bringing the ipod (or my phone), so I’ll need entertainment. My reading list: Persepolis, Generation Kill, and The End of Faith. I might decide to bring more than that. (I wanted to go to the comic book store today to get some reading material, but they were closed. :-/)

- I’m not looking forward to the number of new items that will have accumulated in my Google Reader when I return.