Russia Trip 2008

I’m going to Russia tomorrow morning, for my buddy Dan’s wedding. Well, not just tomorrow. Leaving tomorrow, returning Monday.

A couple of notes on this:

- I’m pretty sure I need to bring a suit, for the wedding and all. Thank heavens I’m bringing a suitcase. (Ha!)

- After some internal debate about (among other things) whether I’d feel comfortable bringing it to Russia, I bought a DSLR camera today. I will be bringing it. If all goes well, you’ll be seeing some pictures in a week or two.

- This trip will require a day of travel on both ends. I’m not bringing the ipod (or my phone), so I’ll need entertainment. My reading list: Persepolis, Generation Kill, and The End of Faith. I might decide to bring more than that. (I wanted to go to the comic book store today to get some reading material, but they were closed. :-/)

- I’m not looking forward to the number of new items that will have accumulated in my Google Reader when I return.

Google Reader Stats

I subscribe to my own feed in Google Reader, which lets me look at a couple of feed stats. (I also use FeedBurner, but I never check that.)

Looking today, I have five subscribers, including myself, which is unsurprising. (Welcome!)

What is surprising is that Google Reader is telling people that I make 2.8 posts per week. That hasn’t been true for like six months, and it goes to show just how uneven my blogging can be. Or how Google should rethink its method for calculating that sort of thing. Or at least include some measure of variance.

New Muxtape: It’s A Good Refrain

Five-song mini-mix this time. See if you can pick up the theme.

“Born to Hum,” by Erin McKeown
“From Blown Speakers,” by The New Pornographers
“On the Radio,” by Regina Spektor
“Radio King,” by Golden Smog
“When I Go Deaf,” by Low