So there’s this thing called Muxtape. It’s a simple little web application which lets you upload up to 11 MP3 files and arrange them, and then lets people listen to your mix.

I made a mix there a few months ago, and I just updated it. It’s now a collection of some of my favorite (happy) love songs. In the future, though — and maybe when you’re reading this post, if you’re doing so in the future (are there hoverboards yet?) — it might be something else. I see it becoming a vehicle for future music recommendations to my small but loyal group of blog readers.

“The Only Answer,” by Mike Doughty
“Fresh Feeling,” by Eels
“First Day of My Life,” by Bright Eyes
“The Book of Love,” by The Magnetic Fields
“Walking After You,” by Foo Fighters
“Easy Silence,” by Dan Wilson
“Waste,” by Phish (Yes, Phish.)
“Somebody,” by Depeche Mode
“Til Kingdom Come,” by Coldplay
“The Luckiest,” by Ben Folds
“In Your Eyes,” by Peter Gabriel