Ways In Which I Would Prefer Not To Die

- Drowning
- Hanging
- Guillotine
- Riot trampling
- Cap pop
- Having my throat slit while tied, naked, to a chair
- Penis fish
- Cancer of the prick
- Malaria

The Wire

I’ve started watching The Wire again. I’m two episodes into season two, and am pleased with the decision.

While there’s an amount of hyperbole out there regarding The Wire‘s quality, there is a reason for that. It’s very well done – an epic story with many rich characters that rewards multiple viewings (I’m finding). People have said there’s a literary, even Dickensian, aspect to it, and I agree. It’s very much like a novel, or a series of five novels.

(I wish I had more well-formed thoughts on it than that, but I don’t. Maybe down the road.)

If you’re a fan, you should know that episode one of season five is now available on HBO OnDemand. And if you’re a pirate fan, the first two episodes are floating around on BitTorrent.

Also, I’ve come across some good reading on the show tonight:

- An overview, on PBS’s NewsHour
- A lengthy piece on David Simon, one of the show’s creators, in The Atlantic Monthly
- A reaction to that piece, at The American Scene (which looks like a quality blog)
- Nick Hornby interviewing Simon in The Believer (the full text of which was previously unavailable)

I Love My Sister

We had this conversation via e-mail today:

Her: Okay, I need an explanation on this whole caucus thing. I get how it works, but what I don’t understand is how the voting goes in the other states. Why do they say that if someone wins Iowa and New Hampshire they are probably going to win it if Iowa only has 7 electoral votes and New Hampshire has 15 (maybe) votes. I don’t get it! Can you explain this process to me?

Me: It’s all about attention. If somebody wins in Iowa, they get a lot of media coverage. Then comes New Hampshire, and if somebody does well there, they get a lot of attention. Those have historically been the first two states, and if you made a splash in either one of them, it set you up well to get more national coverage and more donations, which helps you keep your campaign running.

In the recent past, there’s been this thing called “Super Tuesday,” which was one day where a lot of states had primaries. The number of delegates you could get from Super Tuesday was and is a lot higher than the number you’d get from the Iowa Caucus or the New Hampshire primary. This year, a lot of states moved up the dates of their primaries, so Super Tuesday is even more important, which would arguably make Iowa and New Hampshire that much more important in terms of getting national attention.

And by the way, I’m happy you care.

Holy Leaked Albums!

Thanks to Johnny K, I’ve suddenly come into the following leaked/pirated releases:

The Mountain Goats: Heretic Pride
The Magnetic Fields: Distortion
Bonnie “Prince” Billy: Ask Forgiveness EP
Wilco: Sky Blue Sky Tour EP
Nada Surf: Lucky
Radiohead: In Rainbows (Disc Two)

Still digging into this stuff now, but, man, it seems unlikely that I won’t be net pleased with the lot.