Microblogging with Twitter

I’ve started using Twitter. You may have noticed this, as there’s a new status block at the top of the right column, which’ll give you my last three tweets.

Why have I started using Twitter? Well, I’ll admit, at first I didn’t see the point. But I’ve grown attracted to the idea that I can post with my cell phone. So now you get to see random thoughts from me, even when I don’t have a computer. My page is here.

I find myself wishing, though, that more of my friends used Twitter. Most of my contacts are coworkers right now. If I had some friends in there, I’d be happy to turn on the text notifications (although I’m aware that might increase my text message traffic pretty drastically).

Let the Fall TV Season Begin!

I just realized that I’m five days into September already, and I have no idea when my favorite TV shows will ramp back up. So I looked it up.

Here are the premiere dates of the shows I’ll definitely be watching this Fall:

09/24 – Heroes
09/27 – The Office

Here are the dates for shows I might watch this Fall:

09/17 – K-Ville
09/19 – Kid Nation
09/24 – Chuck, Journeyman
09/25 – The Unit, Reaper
09/26 – Bionic Woman
09/27 – My Name is Earl
10/02 – Carpoolers
10/04 – 30 Rock
10/25 – Scrubs

So it looks like Mondays and Thursdays will probably be TV nights. I have a feeling I’ll like the Chuck-Heroes-Journeyman sequence on Monday nights, and I know I’ll love the 30 Rock-Office-Scrubs sequence on Thursdays. NBC seems to know what they’re doing. Me likey.

Finally, here are tentative dates for three other shows I’ll be waiting a few months more for:

01/06/2008 – The Wire
01/2008 – 24
02/2008 – Lost

These’ll be well worth the wait, too.

(Oh, and Weeds has already started. I’ve been watching that.)

Quiet Times, Good Times

So what have I been up to lately?

Well, as mentioned earlier, I got my Bachelor of Science degree in the mail recently. I went about celebrating this the only way I know how: drinking copious amounts of beer in the parking lot at Miller Park. We managed 15 people for a pre-game tailgate Saturday, and somehow had more like 20 after the game. And these groups included Danny Jakubowski and Allen Robinson, whom I seldom see, and Mr. Michael Hermes, who continues to prove that we need to hang out with him more.

Good times.

Sunday was a lazy day, as Sundays are meant to be. Jenny drove to Janesville for a family thing, while I stayed at home and watched Grindhouse and some Futurama. She came back around 8:00 and we fell asleep watching March of the Penguins, which was entertaining to a degree, but moved altogether too slowly for me. Hence the sleeping.

Monday, Labor Day, we drove into Wauwatosa and had lunch at City Market, which I’m not sure I’d ever heard of. It was good, though. I had the BLT pasta, which was as tasty as it sounds. She had the Greek salad, a Jenny staple. Then we went to a little Indian grocery store and bought a whole bunch of food I didn’t understand, which we brought back to her place. She made dinner while I watched the baseball game (what a sweetheart, no?). We ate, then went for a stroll down by the lake.

Monday, by the way, marked six months since our first date. I didn’t make a big deal of the occasion, but it certainly makes me smile.

Tuesday was the first day back at work after a long weekend (I was out sick Friday, too). I ended up spending a lot of time in the morning just getting a grip on all the things I need to get done over the next two weeks. I also spent a big chunk of time logging all my time from last week. I spent the rest of the workday cutting images in Photoshop and writing HTML and CSS, which is quiet, somewhat relaxing work – the kind of thing that allows me to put some tunes on and enjoy ‘em. (Yesterday, it was Ryan Adams’ four or five most recent albums.) At night, I worked out a little, then went over to Jenny’s house again. We watched some TV and played with the cats till around midnight.

Today I decided to join the office football pool. If you’re reading this, you probably know I don’t like football, so it might come as something of a surprise that I joined the pool. But the buy-in is $55, and there are like 20 people involved, so that shit could net me a lot of dough. I don’t want to give too much away regarding my strategy, but I will say that I have some confidence I will at least make my money back, and I’m slightly bouyed in this belief by my success in fantasy baseball this year. (More on that later, perhaps.)

Got an invite to Jenny Diehl’s birthday get-together this Saturday night, which I think I’ll attend at least part of. Thing is, there’s a festival about two blocks from my house that day, at which the Gufs will be playing, and I can’t resist the novelty of a concert in my neighborhood, so I have to go to that, at least for a little while. Diehl’s thing (dinner, then ComedySportz, then more ComedySportz) is later, though, so I should have no problem doing both.

And this Friday night, there’s potential for hanging out with the afore mentioned Mr. Jakubowski and Mr. Robinson. We’ll see how that comes together. If it does, I’m sure it’ll be memorable.

So that’s where I’m at. How you doin’?


Not long ago, I opened a new checking account and a new savings account at UW Credit Union. The savings account is empty. I want to see how much money I can get in there by the end of 2007, through my paychecks as well as through any other means I can think of (selling shit, extra work on the side, selling my body, etc.).

Why? Mostly because I want to pay off my student loans. But also because I want to simplify a little bit (hence the selling shit).

I’ll keep you good folks posted on my progress. I intend to make a spreadsheet.