Simple Bits of Ingenuity: "Hi, I’m the Googlebot."

Ever wondered why a google search returned search results that lead to
sites that require a registration? How the hell did googlebot index the
site without a registration? Many sites want their site indexed in google
to recieve more hits and thus, make more money with advertisment on their site.
Even more interesting is the following question: How do we use this to our

Its fairly easy, we have to disguise ourselfs as the google bot and voila,
many sites let us in without registration.

They tell you how to do it, too, if you care. I don’t care. I just love shit like this.

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Staggering Resolutions: No-Smoking Zone

As of this minute, I’ll no longer be smoking in the house. (And if you’re my landlord, you should know that I never actually did smoke in the house. I’m just picking a very easy resolution this month. And why the fuck are you reading this?)

Staggering Resolutions: WTF?

I won’t get into too much detail on the matter, but I feel the need to point out that I’ve failed in most of my resolutions so far. My best progress toward any ongoing goals thus far has been quitting smoking for about three months and seriously cutting down on my intake of junk food. Also, the mystery resolution was a rousing success. (It was a resolution to persuade Miss Jenny to stick around (and to not get scared off myself). She did. She’s awesome.)

So while I’m not beating myself up over this project — I have self-improved — I am looking for ways to move forward, perhaps a bit more slowly.

I’m prepared to admit that I’m not likely to keep up a regular exercise routine or quit smoking this summer. With work looking to stay fairly busy and three summer classes (which, by the way, would conclude my BS), there’s a fair amount to stress me out (which means more smoking) and fill my schedule out (at which point working out is the first thing to go).

Anyways, I’m looking for suggestions from my loyal (and patient) readers for an attainable July resolution. Keep in mind that it’s generally easier for me to cut out a bad habit than it is to establish a new one.

Here are some ideas I’ve had so far:

- Work during lunch instead of surfing the internet (which would likely free up some time).
- Eat breakfast every day (balanced or not).
- No caffeine after 3:00pm (meant to get me waking up earlier).
- Drink eight glasses of water a day.
- Do a blog post every day.

What do you think? How would you change me if you could?