Staggering Resolutions: Exercise

Simple and easily attainable: I plan to get an hour of cardio three days a week. That’ll either be running, bike riding, or maybe, say, playing paintball.

Next week should be interesting already, because I’ll be in Orlando at Tech Ed Sunday through Friday. So I’ll have to find some time.

July’s resolution is going to be considerably more difficult.

Additional Recommendations

Dual Monitors
I’m quickly becoming good at working on one problem on each screen, even if sometimes the second problem is what song to listen to next.

It’s kind of like George Webb’s for hipsters. Plus a great beer selection, including…

New Glarus Belgian Red
A novel beverage, somewhere between beer and wine, but cherry-flavored. Careful if you order a bottle: It’s huge.

Garage Sales
Sure, I wasn’t gonna pay $20 for the giant knife from Vietnam, but it was still cool to see. (Bonus: I got “Cruel Shoes” for fifty cents.)

Anything MySpace can do, it can do better. It even helped me track down Eric Minikel, one of my favorite people of all time.

How have I not recommended Lost before? Best soap opera ever. And that reminds me…

Alan Sepinwall
Alan has quickly become one of my favorite bloggers. He watches a lot of the same shows I watch and posts about them, thoughtfully and without snark.

“I would drink Jon Stewart’s bath water.”
Best piece of hyperbolic praise I’ve heard in a while. I heard it on…

This American Life
Ira Glass is a genius, I tells ya.

The Milwaukee Brewers
I forget. Who has the best record in baseball? Oh yeah. The Brewers do.

These guys could talk about doing their laundry and make it entertaining.

Rocky Votolato and Brett Dennen
Two more in the long line of singer-songwriters I dig.

Online Courses
I signed up for two of ‘em for next semester: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Looking forward to not having to skip class. (Just one class left after that, assuming I pass what I’m taking now.)

Capo 3
How do all the best songs get there so easily? I don’t know, but they do. B-flat rules.

Staggering Resolutions: Round Two

Coming off my first cold after resuming my dirty, nasty, filthy smoking habit, I’ve decided to have another go at quitting.