Top Fives: Bonnaroo Edition

Top Five Acts at Bonnaroo that I’ve Already Seen
1. Wilco
2. Regina Spektor
3. The White Stripes
4. The Decemberists
5. Fountains of Wayne

Top Five Acts at Bonnaroo that I Have Not Seen
1. Spoon
2. The Police
3. Lily Allen
4. The National
5. Kings of Leon

Top Five Acts I Haven’t Seen
1. Ryan Adams
2. R.E.M.
3. Radiohead
4. The Magnetic Fields
5. The Mountain Goats

Top Five Acts I’ve Seen
1. Wilco
2. Semisonic
3. Regina Spektor
4. Lucero
5. Iron & Wine/Calexico

Top Five Onion Headlines

1. “Special Olympics T-ball Stand Pitches Perfect Game”
2. “Van’s Rocking Motion Discourages Would-Be Knocker”
3. “Video-Game Character Wondering Why Heartless God Always Chooses ‘Continue’”
4. “Kevin Bacon Linked To Al-Qaeda”
5. “Area Mofo Announces Plans To Chill”

Concert: Josh Rouse, Pabst Theater, 04/15/2007

I was a big Rouse fan back in 2002 or 2003 or so.

I don’t say that to try to sound like I’m ahead of the game (come on, it’s Josh Rouse), but rather to underline the fact that while I’m not currently a big Rouse fan, there’s a special place in my heart for some of his stuff. In particular, “Feeling No Pain” and “Miracle,” of off Under the Cold Blue Stars. Hell, that whole album is wicked awesome.

I felt, at this concert, like the schmuck who goes to a Depeche Mode concert because he wants to hear “Just Can’t Get Enough.” It’s not gonna happen. It wasn’t gonna happen for me on Sunday.

So yeah, Rouse played mostly newer stuff, went back as far as 1972, but nothing from Cold Blue Stars.

It was still a great show.

Concert: The Decemberists, Pabst Theater, 04/16/2007

I didn’t realize how much I like the Decemberists until late in this show, as I started thinking about all the songs I wanted to hear them play that they yet hadn’t.

They mixed their longer stuff with the poppier short stuff very well, enjoyed some stage hijinks (falling down dead was cute), and just generally rocked the place in a manner I suspect only the Decemberists can.

Here are some pictures and video.