Fucking Busy

My shit’s been blowing up lately, as Kevin would say.

We’ve had a big project get a bit behind schedule at work, and while I’m not assigned to that project, the rest of the department has been working on it for the past few weeks, so I’ve been juggling almost all other development work. It’s a lot of juggling stuff in my head — timelines, requirements, client questions — on top of a lot of actual production (development, even a little Flash development, which is still new to me).

That’s the biggest reason I haven’t been posting stuff around here. It’s not going no change any time soon.

IM Conversation of the Day

Josh Schultz says:
at the very least, the next time I’m [near there], I’m totally throwing an egg at their building
[Anonymous Coworker] says:
I’ll send an egg along with you
[Anonymous Coworker] says:
it’s shaped like a big, heavy brick

Sky Blue Sky

In honor of my illegal acquisition of the album (though I assure you, I will be purchasing it when it’s available), here’s a link to a MetaFilter thread from last week, when the album streamed online. And here’s a link to a thread on Stereogum about same. Because I’m interested in what other people think.

I may or may not post thoughts on the album some time soon. After one listen, I’m not blown away, but I certainly haven’t written it off, either. (It took me a couple of weeks before it sunk in just how incredible A Ghost Is Born is.)

Note to Girl Scouts

If your dad brings me an adorable, crayon-drawn note along with my cookies, you can be pretty sure I’ll be buying my cookies from you next year, rather than some other shorty.

Just sayin’.

The Highlight of My Day

An Emmy-winning writer posted in my comments today.

It has no bearing on my life whatsoever, but hell if I don’t think it’s pretty darn neat.

Thanks for stopping by David, and keep up the good work.

Fucking Nostalgia, Motherfucker

(I’m feeling a bit cussy today.)

I’ve just discovered that the CompUSA store I spent over two years of my life working at is being closed. Now, while I generally bitch about the place when I recollect it, I do look back quite fondly on my time working there, and I’m a little sad to hear it’s closing.

One of my other former employers, Bombay Bicycle Club, closed a few years back, and it was the same deal: I was shocked to discover that I actually cared.

There’s a gathering of old Comp employees coming up, and this is making me lean towards going, even though I’ll likely only know two or three people there.

I need to get one last rip in at Mike Bernstein.