Staggering Resolutions: Perfect Attendance

February’s resolution, to cut fast food from my diet, has been quite successful. I can’t tell you how nice it is to noticeably improve your health without having to exercise regularly.

For March, I’d been planning to either cut out soda entirely or commit to drinking those eight glasses of water a day I hear I’m supposed to be getting. However, I’ve decided to put that one off.

Beginning March 1st, I won’t be skipping classes. I’ve been skipping a lot already this semester, and staying on top of schoolwork, especially in the operating systems class, is very important to me. I want to finish this fucking degree as soon as possible.

It’s not very exciting, but I’ll be proud of myself if I can maintain discipline here.

London: So That Happened.

I’ve been back from London for over a week now, and I never followed up. Apologies.

Day two involved shopping, a trip to the Tower of London, and a great dinner/drink outing with Jason’s friend Jenny, who’s living over there for six months, and two of her friends, Jenny and Julia (also from Wisconsin).

Day three started with a trip to the London Eye and ended with a show — Avenue Q, which was quite funny — with some more shopping in between.

I was unable to find any gear from the Reading football club for Kevin, and generally unimpressed with my options for souvenirs.

The flight back was just fine. It went quickly, and the time change has put me on a great sleep schedule: I’m getting up early, which has been making me more productive.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

London: Day One

Our first day here, we did some wandering around, walking the Thames for a while, noting Big Ben and Parliament (ha ha ha), the Globe and the Tate.

We went into St. Paul’s Cathedral, which didn’t impress much. The church was beautiful, but I’ve seen beautiful churches before, and I’ve seen beautiful churches with famous-er people buried in ‘em. One thing I noted were the tombs directly outside the gift shop. You’d have to walk over someone’s grave to get in. I’m not spiritual at all, but I thought that was out of line.

Also: I clogged the toilet there.

We had dinner at a pubby place down the street from the hotel. The chips were fanTAStic. Culver’s-level good. (I know you’ll take my word for it: I am a greasy food connoisseur.)

London: Travel

I’d planned to read the Poli Sci material I’ve been putting off, but I ended up watching the last few episodes of Meet the Press (which is now available via podcast!) and sleeping a bit.

The sleeping bit was great. Jason and I had the back row of four seats to ourselves, and we each sort of claimed two and slept… ehh… pretty well for on a plane, I’d say.

Next time I go on a trip like this, remind me to look into ways to extend iPod battery life, and to download enough video entertainment for the whole trip. I tried watching one of the in-flight movies, Babel, but I just wasn’t in the mood for that, and the sound was a bit dodgy.

London: Preparations

Jason and I are heading down to Chicago in about two hours, to catch a plane to London. We’ll be there for four days, back Sunday night.

You might call that three days, I suppose.

I don’t have specific plans for what we’ll be doing while we’re there. Jason may, and I’ll most likely be up for whatever he wants to do. I plan to take a lot of pictures, and maybe blog about our activities.

I’m looking forward to the 40-degree weather. And to seeing whether people really have bad teeth. And to making Wayne’s World 2 (“Wow, what a shitty circus!”) and European Vacation (“Look, kids! There’s Big Ben! And there’s Parliament!”) jokes. And to letting everyone know who saved whose ass in World War II. And to bumming a fag.

Wait. Scratch that last one. I don’t do that anymore.

For this trip, I’ve packed the following (in order):

  • Four pairs of undies
  • Two pairs of socks
  • Four undershirts
  • One brown Atomic Records t-shirt
  • One pair of jeans
  • One pair of cargo pants (in case I pick up some cargo)
  • One navy blue sweatshirt
  • One grey sweater
  • One extra pair of glasses
  • One toothbrush
  • One tube of toothpaste
  • One stick of deodorant (Irish Spring-scented)
  • Four Centrum multivitamins
  • Four calcium supplements
  • Two Operating Systems textbooks (jealous?)
  • One Poli Sci textbook
  • One MCP exam study guide (for SQL Server exam)
  • Copy of “What Is The What,” by Dave Eggers
  • Two baseball hats (Brewers old logo and Brewers new logo)
  • One passport (!)
  • One mini digital camera (hmm… need to get AAA batteries for this)
  • One iPod

Effing Cold Weather

Lately I’ve been thinking more about moving to a warmer climate.

I had to ride the bus to work today after spending half an hour trying to get my car to start in double-digit-below-zero weather.

Schools all over were cancelled do to the 30-below-zero wind chills. People didn’t want their kids out waiting for school buses. So it’s sort of funny that I was out there waiting for a bus.

Thankfully, while I’m in London this weekend, it’ll be in the upper 40′s. Maybe I’ll move there.

Staggering Resolutions: Eating Healthy

My new resolution for the month of February is to stop eating junk food.

More specifically, this means strong avoidance of fast food, sweets, chips, and fatty meats.

Soda’s still allowed, as long as it’s diet. And I get to have one regular soda (with real sugar!) while I’m in London.

I’ll have to evaulate this subjectively, but I think I’ll be fair.