This is a must-see if you have an iPod car adapter that emits a radio signal. It takes your zip code and tells you what frequencies are vacant in your area. Neat!

(Note that the field and button for finding vacant freuqncies are at the bottom of the page. This would be a terrible if the tool wasn’t so nifty.)

Somebody Remind Me To Buy A Corkscrew

I’m sitting here with a tantalizing bottle of Shiraz, and no corkscrew. I tried using a normal screw and some pliers, but that’s not workin’ out.

Looks like a nice brown ale will have to do.

Update, 01-29-2007: Eric was nice enough to donate one. Thanks, E!


I just thought of a new poker game. I call it “Hex.”

Basically, Hex is five card draw, but the value of your hand is determined by the biggest hexadecimal number you can make.

So the best possible hand is A A A A 9.

Also, if you have any 10′s, J’s, Q’s or K’s in your hand, your data is corrupt, and you must fold.

Rolling Stone: Why Gore Should Run

“Unlike Hillary Clinton, he has no controversial vote on Iraq to defend. Unlike Barack Obama and John Edwards, he has extensive experience in both the Senate and the White House.”


I’d vote for Gore. I want my president to be a nerd, like me. As of right now, though, I’d be happy with Obama or Edwards, too. Things are looking up. Until McCain decides to announce, at least.

New Feature! Tunes! Wowoweewow!

To your right, you’ll now find a sidebar titled “Selections from the Canon.” This is fed by a new blog I set up, and will feature brief descriptions and MP3 files of recordings I’ve fallen in love with over the years.

(I’m working on getting a podcast set up, but my first half-hearted effort at it failed. So you have to click on the items in the sidebar, which’ll take you to another page. The header of that page will be a link to the MP3. (I reserve the right to post other file formats as well (maybe even video).))

I hope you like it.

Television Recommendations

Admittedly, Heroes is very Lost-like. However, it’s a lot fresher (at the moment, at least), and it’s more my thing, with the superhero angle. Also, Lost is on hiatus now. And you can watch the whole run of Heroes online at NBC’s website. (Thanks to Kevin for recommending it.)

30 Rock
Another party to which I’m a bit late. I was so eagerly anticipating Studio 60 that I wasn’t willing to give 30 Rock a chance. That was a mistake. It’s surprisingly funny (especially considering that I dislike almost everything else Tracy Morgan and Tina Fey have ever done).

How I Met Your Mother
Some guy in The Onion’s AV club recommended this, so I watched one episode. It’s worth watching more.

I’ve known for some time that Scrubs is good, in theory, but I’ve never watched it with any regularity. An episode was on tonight, and it had me laughing out loud three times before the opening credits. I’m sold. Methinks I’ll fetch some DVDs of this one.

The Office
Easily the best comedy on television at the moment, the American Office has even eclipsed the British version, imho. Carrell is note-perfect, and the rest of the ensemble is hilarious, top to bottom.

Star Trek: Enterprise
I watched a few episodes of the first season online last season (here), and it reminded me how much I used to like Star Trek: The Next Generation, when I was a lad. Probably not recommended for most, but you’ll likely get into it if you liked Next Generation.

Merit Badges

Wedding my love for lists with my strange attraction to random crap on Wikipedia, I give you a list of Boy Scout merit badges.

I was not a Boy Scout. But had I been, I think Cinematography and Traffic Safety would’ve been the badges for me.

Also: I am a bit concerned with the existence of a Dentistry badge.

My boss was (is?) an Eagle Scout. I should ask him what badges he earned for that.

Update 01/26/07: I asked Paul, my boss, what badges he earned. He wasn’t sure, but he seemed to know them by sight when I showed him the Wikipedia entry, which seemed odd to me. I forget which ones they were, ’cause they weren’t funny ones.

Thoughts on the Oscar Nominations

(You can find the list of nominees here.)

  • I hadn’t planned to see Blood Diamond or Letters from Iwo Jima, but now I think I will.
  • Ryan Gosling’s nomination is my favorite Oscar-related happening since Damon and Affleck won their Screenplay award. I’ll be heartily rooting for him. I might even watch the broadcast because of this.
  • Will Smith was great in The Pursuit of Happyness, and I hope he brings his kid (who played his son in the film) to the show. That’ll be cute.
  • I love Alan Arkin, but he doesn’t deserve a nomination for Little Miss Sunshine. That role was easy.
  • Ditto for Mark Wahlberg. He was just playing Mark Wahlberg, like he usually does.
  • Good luck to Helen Mirren, nominated for The Queen. The film was a pleasant surprise, and she made it that way.
  • I didn’t see any of the animated features. Shame on me. I’ll at least see Monster House, ’cause it was written by some local boys, of whom I’m a fan.
  • Tough competition in the cinematography pool this year. I think I’d go with Children of Men from that bunch.
  • Scorsese needs to win Best Director this year.
  • I like that I’ve seen one of the Best Documentary nominees this year. It’s too bad it wasn’t very good.
  • Way to get a few nominations, Apocalypto. You could’ve had more, had your director kept his idiot mouth shut.
  • Dreamgirls beats down the Original Song category. Yikes.
  • The Best Picture list is a bit disappointing, as usual. While I adored The Queen and The Departed, I can’t get excited about the other nominees there. To be fair, though, I haven’t seen Babel or Letters from Iwo Jima.
  • Borat getting an Adapted Screenplay nod has been getting some press (because there wasn’t really a screenplay involved). People are against it. I, however, am not. Children of Men and The Departed are both far better stories, but I won’t complain if Sacha Baron Cohen wins, especially after his top-notch acceptance speech at the Golden Globes.
  • Hard to get excited about the Original Screenplay category. I’m picking The Queen, easily.