The Power of Nightmares


I watched part one of this today, and look forward to getting my hands on parts two and three.

Update: You can get a torrent of this or watch it via Google Video here.

Washington Post: Edwards Turns To Non-Traditional Campaign Model

DES MOINES — John Edwards violated all the old rules when he announced his
candidacy for the White House on Thursday. No theme music, no balloons, no
adoring family at his side, no stage filled with enthusiastic supporters. No
stage at all.

He looked anything but “presidential,” wearing blue jeans
and an open-collar shirt, rather than suit and tie. He had no prepared text,
speaking instead from a practiced set of talking points but with no guaranteed
applause lines and few perfect sound-bites.


Perhaps Mr. Edwards has figured out how frustrating the standard campaign artifice is to the average joe (if the average joe is anything like yours truly).

I like where this is going.

A Cure for Diabetes

Fat Americans, rejoice!

(And remember this when some asshole tries to tell you that Canadian drugs are cheaper because American pharmaceutical companies are doing so much more heavy-duty research.)

UWM == Cute

I received the following in my UWM e-mail on my birthday:

(Yeah, it was ASCII art. I couldn’t easily plop it into the post as it was, though.)

AP: John Edwards Joins Presidential Race


Edwards is talking about universal health care, and slinging his good old “work, not wealth” mantra. I can probably get behind him again, but I may swing in Obama’s direction if he runs.

Field Trip?

Sarah’s friend Heidi works at the newly-remodeled Discovery World, downtown. She mentioned the other night that they have Segways that you get to ride over there.

Needless to say, I’ll be paying them a visit in the near future.

Christmas List

Here’s what I asked for this year:

  • A chess set
  • A new set of sheets
  • An electric razor (as I left my old one in Russia)
  • A set of bongo drums

I think that’s a pretty humble list.