A Novel Idea (HA!)

November is National Novel Writing Month.

The goal (or at least the goal of that site/community) is to write a 175-page/50,000-word novel, within the month of November.

And I’m going to do it.

If I make it, I’ll post my (likely awful) novel on this site.

That is all.

More Recommendations

Clothes Shopping
It’s not just for chicks anymore. I got me some new undies, a new hoodie, a few shirts and a pair of jeans, and I’m feelin’ fly as all shit.

“How’s that for a slice of fried gold?”
Possibly the best line in Shawn of the Dead, which is saying a lot. This will be added to my arsenal of borrowed wit.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy: The Letting Go
Some more of that kick-ass folk-pop I was talking about the other day. Specifically recommended: “Lay and Love,” “Big Friday,” and “Cursed Sleep.”

Cherry Pop Tarts
Kevin bought these, and I keep stealing and replacing them. They’re addictive as shit, and nothing beats a cherry Pop Tart, Diet Coke and a cigarette in the morning.

Diet Coke
Tastes almost as good as Diet Pepsi, and it lasts you longer without going flat.

Ryan Gosling
Dude really made a name for himself (in my world) in Half Nelson. I really enjoyed the characters (and actors) in the film, but act three left much to be desired.

Without HTML and the web, I’d not be where I am today (financially comfortable, I mean). I’d probably have been an English, film or philosophy major, and I could very well be working at Kinko’s. All that time fiddling around making web sites back in middle school has certainly paid off.

Jeff Tweedy
Dude’s got a concert DVD, “Sunken Treasure,” coming out soon, and I’ll be going to see him later this month at my favorite venue, the Pabst Theatre. He’s never far from the joshjs-zeitgeist.


I completely forgot I had a Flickr account until I just googled myself (“joshjs”).

Check it out. I plan to update it at some point (because most of the pictures there now aren’t that interesting).

If I get into it, I may even add a link to it from this site.

Some Things I Will Not Be Naming My Children

As a friend of mine once pointed out, this is a porn-star name. No daughter of mine will be appearing in anything beyond soft-core.

Was Hitler’s worst crime taking this otherwise-wonderful name out of my pool of options?

This would only add to the constant confusion of a life where every third friend manages to be named “Eric.”

This would only add to the constant confusion of a life where every other friend not named “Eric” manages to be named “Dan.”

Way too much to live up to.

As much it would improve the kid’s chances of a super-power-inducing accident, I’d find the alliteration slightly unpleasant. Sorry, kid.

Hot Dog
There can be only one.

Awesome name, but probably better for a dog.

Because you know I’d start calling him “The Boss,” and that would present the same problems as “Fearless.”

Can Ann Coulter’s frustrating existence stick in my craw that much? You bet it can.

Always better with an “h” at the end.

Another porn-star name. I’d like to take every step possible to keep my daughter from getting that lower-back tattoo, thanks very much.

“George” is a chump’s name.

Although I’m curious if he would be able to tell me the frequency, I’m sure he’d tire of people asking.

There went that plan.

Further Recommendations

Camel Turkish Silvers
You’ll look cool, feel vaguely bad-ass, have something to do with your hands, and quicken your impending death. What’s not to love?

Battlestar Galactica
The first two seasons were great TV. The second season ended with a huge WTF. And now the third season has roared out of the gates, promising something completely different, but of similar quality. I never figured I’d have a reason to watch the SciFi Channel regularly…

iPod Boombox
After the toilet, shower, and sink, probably the most important bathroom fixture. (The mirror is, I think, overrated.)

Veronica Mars
It’s WB-meets-noir, and it’s gooood. (Note: Extra o’s means extra good.)

The Wire
Like Battlestar Galactica has this season, The Wire retools every season, finding a new focus within the city of Baltimore. (This year, it looks into an inner-city middle school.) I’m consistently amazed at the rich, interesting characters they add with each new story, and further so at the fact that they can keep most of their old characters involved with so much new going on and still be pretty tight.

Lori McKenna: The Kitchen Tapes
Not strong all the way through, but worth a listen for its gorgeous opening track “Falter” and a cover of one of my favorite songs, “Fake Plastic Trees.”

Regina Spektor: Begin to Hope
Besides being hot and Russian, Regina also writes vocals-driven pop songs on a piano. “Fidelity” is outstanding. “Hotel Song” and “On the Radio” are also quite nice. (I’ll be seeing Regina at the Majestic in Madison, on Tuesday, 10/17. w00t.)

Strongly-Typed DataSets
I’ve always been wary of generated code, but as I’ve grown more confident in these fuckers and used them more, they’ve saved me more and more development time. Screw writing inflexible data-access code.

2006 Detroit Tigers
I know I was on the Oakland A’s bandwagon, but now that they’re out of the picture, I’m throwing my support behind the Tigers. They’ve lost 406 games in the last four years, and for them to be in the playoffs, let alone the World Series, gives me hope for my 2007 Brewers.

The only thing better than writing them is checking stuff off of them. Hoo-ha.

There’s no better place to find random crap to read before bed or in the morning before I feel like getting ready for work. (Well, okay, there’s Fark.com, but I don’t like their attitude.)

Beyond starring dreamboat Mary-Louise Parker, this is one of the funniest shows around. Best show ever about a suburban widow selling pot to get by. Check it out Monday nights on Showtime.


Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Probably the best new show this season. Aaron Sorkin is climbing my list of favorite writers. I need to pick up Sports Night on DVD.

The Office
I didn’t watch this last season, but the first few episodes of this season are mid-run-Simpsons-level funny.

Keith Olbermann
Dude’s started editorializing at the end of Countdown, and his scathing indictments of the Bush administration are right on. Search for him on YouTube to see what I mean.

Some of my friends have finally started blogging, and it’s reminded me how great it is to have an hourly check of my favorite web content.

Joe Purdy and Josh Ritter
Some kick-ass folk-pop that makes you sing along. I want to write songs like these guys do.

Google Talk
It detects what you’re listening to and adds it to your status. And it keeps a database of what users listen to, so you can feel elite when you see much more popular Linkin Park is than your favorite bands.

Chicken Soup
Having a cold for about a week, I ate (drank?) a ton of this stuff. Dumplings > rice.

…makes having a cold sort of pleasant.

Hard Work
Coming home after a 10- or 12-hour day of getting shit done is a good feeling.