New Tunes

  • Over the Rhine: Good Dog, Bad Dog: The Home Recordings
  • Guster: Lost and Gone Forever
  • The Mountain Goats: Get Lonely
  • Outkast: Idlewild
  • Cory Branan: 12 Songs
  • Rogue Wave: Descended Like Vultures
  • Rogue Wave: Eyes (single)
  • Joe Purdy: Julie Blue
  • Gin Blossoms: Major Lodge Victory
  • Ryan Adams: Moroccan Role EP
  • Rogue Wave: Out of Time
  • Cory Branan: The Hell You Say
  • Various Artists: Weeds – Music from the Original Series
  • Pete Yorn: Nightcrawler
  • Pete Yorn: You & Me Acoustic, Live from Electric Fetus, 05/06/06
  • Ben Kweller: Sundress (EP)
  • Bouncing Souls: The Gold Record

Do You Have a Girlfriend?

I love the dialogue in this review of the new Mountain Goats album (which I still haven’t time to process, myself).

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New Tunes

  • Frank Black: Fast Man Raider Man
  • Regina Spektor: Begin to Hope
  • The Weepies: Say I Am You
  • Golden Smog: Another Fine Day

(I’ve been spending a bunch of time going ripping old albums and putting them in my iTunes library at home, so I haven’t been buying much new stuff.)

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